36-Point Rheem HVAC Service Checklist for Apache Junction Homes

Rheem hvac service checklist

Have you ever wondered what the process is that qualified contractors use to check up on your system, to do a tune-up, diagnose problems and make repairs? The truth is, we use a specific checklist to make sure that we overlook nothing. For your peace of mind, we’re happy to let you in on the process we use to make sure your system stays in great shape on every single visit. Explore this 36-point Rheem HVAC service checklist for Apache Junction homes that professional contractors use to keep your system in top condition.

Why You Need a Tune-Up

You should have a tune-up every single year, at least once a year. A tune-up and routine maintenance on your system are vital to its continued functioning. It can help to catch minor issues before they turn into major repairs and save you money by keeping your system efficient.


Why We Use a Checklist

A checklist allows us to make sure that we don’t overlook anything. It helps us to conduct a completely thorough inspection of your system from top to bottom, checking every element and aspect of the equipment. It gives you peace of mind knowing that we were as thorough as possible.


Checking Your Exterior Unit

The checklist for your system begins with the exterior unit, where we’ll check for proper operations and functioning of each unit. This includes:

  1. Inspect fan motor bearings
  2. Inspect fan blades for damage and movement
  3. Oil and lubricate the fan motor
  4. Inspect outdoor compression coil
  5. Check electrical outdoor amp draw
  6. Compare against Rated amp draw
  7. Compressor contractor check
  8. Check compressor amp draw
  9. Compare against rated compressor amp draw
  10. Check the high and low pressure of the unit
  11. Check the compressor terminals
  12. Check the service disconnect
  13. Check all connections and tighten any that are loose
  14. Check the outdoor unit temperature
  15. Check the return temperature
  16. Check the supply temperature
  17. Inspect the drain line for clogs and leaks
  18. Inspect the thermostat for accuracy and function
  19. Check, clean and replace (if necessary) the filter


Moving Inside the Home

After we inspect the physical outdoor unit, we’ll move inside and check the aspects of your AC unit within the house. These include:

  1. The fan motor bearings
  2. The blower wheel
  3. Oil and lubricate the fan motor
  4. Check the indoor coils
  5. Check the indoor amp draw
  6. Check against the rated amp draw


Heating Unit

Your Air conditioning is only part of your overall HVAC system. After we look at the AC unit we’ll check your heating system as the two are intertwined and one can affect the other. This part of the inspection includes:

  1. Check your heat strips
  2. Check the heating amp draw
  3. Check the sequencer or contractor
  4. Inspect the function of the limit switch
  5. Inspect the fan motor for free movement and function
  6. Check for carbon monoxide levels
  7. Inspect the gas valve
  8. Inspect the lines for gas leaks
  9. Ensure the furnace ignition works properly
  10. Check the defrost timer for accuracy and function
  11. Initiate a defrost sequence


There you have it! The complete 36-point checklist used by your Rheem Comfort specialist in Apache Junction. If you’re ready to keep your system in outstanding working order, give us a call for more information today!



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