A Survival Guide To Protecting Your AC System Against Monsoons

protect your ac during a monsoon

Monsoon season in Southeast Phoenix is about two months long, and the storms can wreak havoc on the unprepared homeowner. Among the things that it’s important to protect from these serious storms is your AC unit, which can be at risk for major damage. You want to do what you can to defend your system against harm and avoid the expensive costs of major repair or replacement. Discover how to protect your AC system against monsoon season, save money, prevent damage to the unit and avoid incurring extra repair costs.

Keep the Plants Away from the System

The first thing you want to do is trim all of the brush, trees and landscaping away from your system. One of the greatest dangers during monsoon season comes from falling trees and blowing debris. Not only can these physically damage the unit from impact, but blowing debris can get lodged inside.

Further, loose grass, brush, and weeds can get flooded into the lower areas of the system which can clog the coils, restrict airflow and even break down the system. Make sure that when you cut the grass you thoroughly clean up the clippings and keep the area around the unit as clear as possible.

Use a Surge Protector

Another major risk of heavy storms comes from lightning strikes that cause electrical surges. Installing a surge protector on your unit can be exceptionally useful. When you do this, however, don’t just protect the exterior unit. You should also use a surge protector on your circulation system inside the house. Your home is every bit as vulnerable to electrical surges as the outside.

By using surge protectors, you’re purchasing a very affordable insurance policy for your electronics and electrical systems. Nobody can know where lightning is going to strike, and you need to protect your home. A good HVAC contractor can recommend the best surge protection units available.

Keep the Unit on High Ground

Finally, the third major risk during monsoon season is that of flooding. Floods can do major damage to your unit, sometimes requiring complete replacement. Move your unit to higher ground, or at least elevate it so that if flooding does occur the AC system remains above the standing water. This can be done by raising the platform or moving it to a spot in your yard that’s elevated above the rest of the land.

Of course, moving an AC system isn’t an easy prospect, and it requires specific knowledge and skills to accomplish safely. You should always consider calling upon a qualified Southeast Phoenix AC repair company to get the job done; they’ll have the manpower, tools, equipment, and knowledge necessary to keep your system safely elevated against the potential for flooding in a storm.

If you’d like more advice or help with your AC system in Southeast Phoenix or the surrounding areas, Comfort Conditioning is here to help. Feel free to give us a call anytime for help, information or an evaluation of your system and how to keep it safe.


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