Avoid These Top 3 Expensive AC Repairs in AZ [Ultimate Prevention Guide]

most expensive ac repairs in az

When you’re a homeowner, your HVAC system is one of the more expensive and valuable parts of your property. It’s so much more than an appliance; it’s a vital part of keeping us cool in the hot and arid Arizona summers. It’s important to maintain your system and understand the most costly potential repairs you might face. Learn about the top three most expensive AC repairs in Arizona and how you can prevent high replacement and repair bills through routine maintenance.

Coolant Leaks

Coolant leaks can be very expensive to repair, especially if you have an older system. Recently, AC manufacturers ceased to make the older Freon-based coolant that was used in past models of a compressor. If your model uses this older coolant, you won’t be able to refill it and it will have to be replaced entirely. Unfortunately, a coolant leak isn’t something you can fix on your own; addressing the problem requires help from an AC professional. Such a repair can cost anywhere from around $225 for a basic refill up to $1,600 or more for an entirely new unit.


Compressor Repairs

Your AC compressor is essentially the base of your unit. What it will cost to repair this part of the unit depends largely on exactly what’s wrong. Again, if the unit goes bad you could be in for a new unit which can be very expensive. In some cases, however, a hard-start kit for an AC compressor repair can run as little as $100 to $250. A fan motor can cost between $100 and $300, while capacitors or contactors can run between $90 and $400.

The range of problems that can go wrong in your compressor is very broad, and the first step is diagnosing the issue. This requires the services of a qualified repair technician.


Replacing the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is another major part of your system—specifically, part of your AC condenser. Your exact costs, again, will depend on the services needed, but it can run from $800 on up. Damaged coils are one of the most serious problems you can face with your conditioner and they can be caused by a whole range of things from debris clogging the system to impact from falling trees during a storm to simple corrosion. A damaged coil is serious and can compromise your entire unit.


Are Repairs Necessary Right Now?

Many people, when faced with the need for major repairs to their system, wonder if they can’t just put it off for a few weeks or months until they save up the money. This is a bad idea. The longer you put off necessary repairs to your system, the worse the problem can get. Very quickly you can go from a $100 fix to repairs in excess of $1,000. If your system isn’t working right, turn it off and call for help.


How Do I Prevent Damage?

The best way to prevent damage to your system is through routine maintenance. Remember, the better care you take of your unit, the less likely you are to suffer serious damage. Check your filters every 1 to 3 months; clean them and replace them as needed but at absolute minimum quarterly at the change of seasons. When you check your filter, clean your coils as well.


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