Mold in Air Conditioner: What You Can Do About It


Did you know that mold is one of the most harmful fungi to have in your home?

Exposure to mold over time can result in health concerns, including eye and skin irritation, chronic headaches and coughing. It can grow without you even knowing, ultimately wreaking havoc on your health if allowed to proliferate.

Nip your mold issue in the bud and stay on top of the cleanliness of your air-conditioning unit. Mold in air conditioner is a common problem, but one that can be easily solved with a little maintenance from season-to-season.

In this blog, we will highlight how to prevent mold from growing in an air conditioner, keeping your home safe.

Prevent Mold in Air Conditioner

One of the most common places molds can grow is in an air conditioner as they pose the perfect breeding ground.

Condensation produced by the ducts and coils in an air conditioner create an ideal atmosphere for mold spores to grow, due to the moisture.

Like most living things, mold only needs three elements to survive: moisture, food and the right temperature.

If you remove these elements, your mold issue will be solved.

One of the most important elements of mold growth is moisture- in the presence of water, mold can really begin to proliferate.

Mold in an air conditioner can pose a serious health risk for all those living in your home as mold spores are picked up and spread via your air conditioner.

So, what are the warning signs of mold in an air conditioner?

  • Visible mold growing on the exterior of your air conditioning unit.
  • A musty smell when your air conditioner is running.

If you notice any of these tell-tale signs, it’s high time you gave your air conditioner the clean it needs!

Tips To Prevent Mold in Air Conditioner

By following these basic air conditioner maintenance tips, your home should remain mold free:

1. Regulate Moisture Levels

Make sure the air conditioning unit you purchase has a humidity control function. The air conditioner will automatically regulate the amount of moisture in the air, preventing the formation of mold.

2. Use the ‘Auto’ Function

When your air conditioner is not needed for cooling, avoid turning it off completely.

Set it to the ‘auto’ function to allow for constant airflow, even if it’s not being used to cool the room. This way the air inside your home will be continuously cycled, preventing moisture and mold build-up.

3. Regular Maintenance

Make sure to clean your air conditioner regularly, removing lurking puddles of moisture or any signs of mold you may find.

4. Don’t Forget About Deeper Maintenance

This doesn’t need to be as common as regular cleaning, but deeper maintenance is important to avoid mold in an air conditioner.

Remove your unit’s metal cover and carefully clean the inside, wiping away excess moisture or mold spore you may find.

If you plan on re-oiling your air conditioner motor, make sure to use clean motor oil!

5. Dust Is Not Your Friend

Dust plays a big role in the formation of mold. Make sure to regularly clean your air conditioner of dust by using a vacuum to draw out the dust trapped inside your unit.

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